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Wazzlex is free mass multiplayer crossword game where every player can create words using 10 letters in dock and all letters from shared board (17959510 letters right now).

You can sign in using your social accounts or play as guest. Don't worry we will not post anything or get any information other then your account id (email for gmail, facebook, linked-in and username for twitter). Please note that when playing guest your data will be bound to your browser, so you can not continue your game on other computer.

Please choose authentication method from left and join the game.

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Wazzlex is FREE game and it is more than free. Wazzlex has no advertising, because nobody likes it. Wazzlex as everything in this world need financing to keep running. If you like and play it regularly please consider donating to it.


has contests every 3 days and every week. Visit our hall of champions to see top players and status of current contests. Top 3 players of contests will receive badges.

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How to play

is similar to Scrabble game, but has its own set of additional rules and features. Follow link below to get complete set of rules and features of . If you have questions which are not answered in help please don't hesitate to contact us.

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If you have any questions, problems, suggestions or just want to talk with us feel free to contact us. We will do our best to answer you as soon as possible. If you are player please make sure you are logged in before contacting. E-mails from our players will have highest priority. Thank you!

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